AMD Reveals Ryzen Pro 8000 Series


Today, AMD introduced the Ryzen PRO 8000 desktop and Ryzen PRO 8040 mobile processors, the latest high-performance computing-focused iterations of the Ryzen processors for creative work, gaming or speeding up work assignments. Both the desktop and mobile processors are made with the x86 instruction set and run on AMD’s Zen 4 CPU architecture, as did the 8000G desktop processors revealed in January.

The Ryzen Pro 8000 series will be available April 16 internationally.

AMD Ryzen Pro 8000 for desktop

The Ryzen Pro 8000 series (Figure A) integrates with the Ryzen AI software platform to allow for processing-power-heavy features like video editing during live Teams or Zoom meetings. Plus, it can work with the AMD Pro platform, which provides enhanced security and manageability for corporate IT teams.

The Ryzen Pro 8000 chip was codenamed Hawk Point. Image: AMD

AMD wants to “invest in something that is future-equipped to run all these AI-powered productivity boosts,” Ronak Shah, AMD global commercial product marketing manager, said at a press briefing on April 11.

The Ryzen Pro 8000 with the Ryzen AI engine will be available in a variety of configurations for different business needs (Figure B).

Figure B

Different configurations are available for business laptops. Image: AMD

AMD said its Ryzen AI chip with the Ryzen Pro 8000 series can perform at 16 mobile dedicated NPU TOPS (i.e., TOPS is a measurement of how many mathematical operations a chip can perform in a second, measured in trillions) or 39 total systems TOPS; compared to 11 and 34, respectively, for the Intel Core Ultra.

Large language model performance is a priority for AMD, too. Ryzen AI reduces the time to the first token and the tokens per second — basically, how long it takes for a generative AI to produce content, AMD said.

AMD Pro security and recovery enhancements

Desktops with AMD Pro coming soon in 2024 will have new security and recovery features:

  • Security from the integrated Microsoft Pluton processor.
    AMD memory guard, which provides encryption that protects business data if a company laptop is lost or stolen.

SEE: Intel’s Gaudi 3 accelerator could compete with AMD’s AI chips. (TechRepublic)

AMD Ryzen Pro 8040 series processors for laptops

AMD also revealed mobile processors for laptops in the Ryzen Pro 8000 line. The AMD Ryzen Pro 8040 series processors will appear in new and refurbished laptops from HP and Lenovo in 2024.

The silicon underpinning the Ryzen Pro 8040 series is mostly the same as that in the Ryzen Pro 7040 series, Shah said, both of which have up to 8 high performance cores and Zen 4 CPU architecture; however, the Ryzen Pro 8040 series has been optimized for power efficiency (better performance per watt) and better AI performance. That power efficiency means the laptop doesn’t go through its battery charge as fast if the employee using it spends a lot of time on Microsoft Teams, for example.


The AMD Ryzen Pro 8000 series desktop processors and Rysen Pro 8040 series mobile processors compete with Intel’s Core and Core Ultra processors.


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