All iOS Users Can Now Log In to X With a Passkey

All iOS Users Can Now , Log In to X With a Passkey.
While U.S. iOS users were given the option
to use passkeys back in January, .
global iOS users are now able to do the
same on the social media platform.
The login alternative is considered to be
safer than passwords, Engadget reports.
That’s because passkeys aren’t susceptible
to phishing and other schemes.
In order to use passkeys on X, open the
iOS app, click “Your account,” and then
go to “Settings and privacy.”.
Next, navigate to “Security and account access”
and then “Additional password protection.”.
Passkeys can be found under
“Additional password protection.”.
It is not clear if X intends to make the same option available for Android users, Engadget reports.

Credit DailyMotion

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