Containing the Breach: Resilience in the Face of a Cybersecurity Crisis


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    Mobile App Development Policy

    There are millions of mobile applications available for download at present and this figure is only going to climb higher. Just as business and consumer needs continue to expand, so do the capabilities and advantages mobile devices provide their users. The purpose of this policy from TechRepublic Premium is to provide guidelines for developing mobile …

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    Employee Conduct, Attendance and Punctuality Policy

    Maintaining punctual and regular attendance is essential for the seamless operation of businesses. However, there are circumstances where employees may need an unscheduled absence, often due to illnesses. The purpose of this policy from TechRepublic Premium is to provide guidelines for employee conduct, attendance and punctuality to reduce disruptions caused by absenteeism and tardiness. From …

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    Quick Glossary: Wealth Management

    Whether you are building a personal wealth management portfolio or breaking into the sector, having the right information in this industry is essential. TechRepublic Premium presents this wealth management glossary to enrich your understanding and support your success throughout your wealth building journey. From the glossary: Ad valorem fees Latin term for “according to value.” …

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    Hiring Kit: Database Administrator

    Useful and actionable information is the engine of success that drives the modern business enterprise. Properly collecting, storing and processing business data is what provides the fuel for that success engine. The database administrator is responsible for determining how data will be collected, structured and stored so that it can be accessed and processed when …


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