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The OnePlus Open is probably one of my favourite foldables that was launched in 2023. There is something about its small book format that is slightly wider than the traditional Samsungs that appeals to me. Maybe it’s just because I wished desperately for the Microsoft Duo‘s success. Maybe it’s because I think it might be a gateway for me to get into ebooks more if the whole process was a bit more booklike.

But foldables are hecking expensive! While they have come down a lot over a few years, they’re still not within arms reach for most people. That’s sad because devices like the OnePlus Open have the opportunity to broaden people’s technical horizons.

The OnePlus Open has a dual screen layout when open with a 7-inch 120htz display. Making it perfect regardless if you’re settling down for a flight and want to watch some movies or are looking to get a little bit of work done.

If you’ve been considering getting one for the holidays but have been holding out now couldn’t be a better time! Amazon has the OnePlus Open for 12% off.


OnePlus Open

  • Free 6 months of Google One and 3 months of Youtube Premium with purchase of OnePlus Open. (New accounts only for each…
  • Thin & Light Design: The OnePlus Open is the thinnest & lightest foldable in North America*. With aerospace-grade materials &…

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