Global agreement resolves legal battle!

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  • OPPO and Nokia have signed a global patent licensing agreement that resolves their legal dispute for good.
  • This could clear the way for OPPO, OnePlus, and Realme to grow phone sales once again in Europe and beyond.

OPPO announced today that it has signed a global patent cross-license agreement with Nokia, resolving the long-standing legal dispute between the two companies.

The deal covers standard-essential patents in 5G and other cellular communication technologies. “Following the agreement, both parties will resolve all pending litigation in all jurisdictions,” OPPO said in a press release.

That means sales of OPPO and OnePlus devices that were put on hold in several European markets like Germany could resume once again. The companies haven’t confirmed as much, but we presume the development will spell good news for the availability of the recently launched OnePlus 12 and the OPPO Find X7 Ultra in markets previously affected by OPPO and Nokia’s legal battle. OPPO could even expand the availability of its latest phones to the US.

“This agreement reflects the mutual recognition and respect for each other’s intellectual property and lays the foundation for future collaboration between OPPO and Nokia,” said Feng Ying, Chief Intellectual Property Officer at OPPO.

“The new agreement – along with the other major smartphone agreements we have concluded over the past year – will provide long-term financial stability to our licensing business,” commented Jenni Lukander, President of Nokia Technologies.

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