Google Messages will now issue warnings if you log out or switch accounts

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  • Google Messages will now warn you about the features you’ll lose if you log out from or switch your Google account.
  • Features like Magic Compose and Device Pairing are listed as account-dependent functions on the new logout screen.
  • Users can also disable profile discovery for their phone numbers if they choose to use Messages without a Google account.

Google Messages is now rolling out a new logout screen to beta users who sign out of the app or switch their Google accounts while using the app.

If you use Google Messages, you’re probably logged into the app with your Google account. You might also be using multiple Google accounts and find yourself switching between them in the app.

Since some Google Messages features are account-based, the app has now started warning users about the functions they will lose if they log out or change accounts. The feature was spotted by tipster Assemble Debug, who also managed to grab some screenshots for our benefit. Take a look at how the new Google Messages logout warning screen appears in the latest beta version of the app. It should soon roll out to the stable version of the app as well.

Google Messages Beta logout screen

As you can see in the images, if you decide to use Google Messages without a Google account or if you switch accounts, you’ll be warned about losing features like Magic Compose and Device Pairing.

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There’s also an option that lets users stop profile discovery for their phone numbers. “People who know your phone number may not be able to find you in Google products and services” is you select this option.

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