Insomniac Games Cyberattack condemned by industry


Games developer Insomniac Games has been subject to an awful cyber attack. the group in question are known as The Rhysida ransomware group and they threatened Insomniac games with leaks of contracts, game footage, and personal information if they did not receive 2 million worth of Bitcoin. Naturally, Insomnia Games did not pay this ransom.

As a result, the internet has been flooded with leaks from all over your favourite Insomniac Games. We won’t be covering these leaks here at Phandroid. We’re going to talk about the impact of what these do not just to the games industry at large to the technology sector as a whole.

Internet has come together largely to condemn the actions of the Cyber attackers. Major outlets like KindaFunny Games and GameSpot have all decided to not report on these leaks. Instead focusing on what is the most important thing about these leaks which is the lives of those affected by something like this. We will be doing the same thing, and focusing on the most important thing about these leaks which is how to support the people affected.

Why Cyberattacks are bad

Cyber attacks are very common on the internet. We’ve reported on many of them throughout this year. This doesn’t just happen to your grandparents’ PC from 2007 when they clicked a dodgy link but it happens to major corporations too. They’re often less reported, as breaches like these have tremendous impacts not just on the businesses affected but the customer using whatever platform has been compromised.

Good cyber security hygiene is so important. but sometimes in situations like this, there is no other solution. Other than to refuse the demands made by cyber hackers. Unfortunately, these people don’t care about the lives of those affected by doing something like this.

What we can do

People’s personal information has been leaked, things that you would dread to be leaked yourself. Your home addresses, phone numbers, and all other personal information that you would rightly like to keep private. All were leaked to the internet about these developers and other employees.

There is no other appropriate response to this other than pure condemnation of what has happened to the people over at Insomnia Games. I would encourage you, as would all the staff here at Phandroid, to block and report instances of these leaks where you see them. Not only because it’s the right thing to do, but we mustn’t give in as a community of tech lovers to the people who wish to do us harm.

Protecting each other is important at times like this. There are a lot of scary people in the world, and everyone is going through something that we don’t know about.


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