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TL;DR: Learn how consumer-facing AI tools can help your business in The 2024 Complete ChatGPT & Gemini AI Advanced E-Degree, now just $29.99.

According to a recent study, 35% of companies worldwide are already using AI, while 50% plan to use it in some capacity in 2024. Companies use AI to automate tedious tasks, create content, get inspiration for marketing campaigns, manage customer relationships and much more.

You don’t have to incorporate AI into your business, but it can help in more ways than you may imagine. With The 2024 Complete ChatGPT & Gemini AI Advanced E-Degree, you’ll get a comprehensive breakdown of some of today’s biggest consumer-facing and affordable AI tools to help you figure out how they might make sense for your business.

What you’ll learn

This 10-hour course is taught by Eduonix Learning Solutions (4.0/5-star instructor rating), a leader in online education. It will help you understand the significance of generative AI and delve into a number of AI tools, including ChatGPT, Gemini AI, GPT 3.5, GPT 4, Bard, DALL-E 2 and more. You’ll learn how to leverage these tools to boost creativity, improve productivity and much more.

Through the courses, you’ll get hands-on practice with each of the tools, exploring the vast possibilities in text, image, video and audio generation. You’ll understand the techniques and methodologies involved in AI-based content generation and learn how to properly leverage models to get your desired results.

Some of the projects you’ll explore include AI content marketing, AI image generation for social media and web design, AI audio and video for education and informational purposes, task automation and more.

See what AI can do for your business. Right now, you can get The 2024 Complete ChatGPT & Gemini AI Advanced E-Degree on sale for just $29.99 (reg. $790).

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