OnePlus Buds 3 leaks show a HUGE price drop


The New Year starts with new leaks! We get reports from leaker Max Jambor on Twitter about the latest headphones from OnePlus. The OnePlus Bud 3s are set to replace the OnePlus Pro Buds 2 from last year. Aside from recent deals on the OnePlusBuds, the prices have stayed largely the same.

This comes from an official post from the OnePlus Weibo account announcing the release of the buds, as well as where to preorder in China.

Source: OnePlus Weibo Account

From the promotional images, you can see that there is a beautiful blue colour as well as your standard black.

Source: OnePlus Community Forum

The OnePlus Community Forum has confirmed more details about the upcoming earbuds. Judging from the certifications and other information gleaned from the community; it’s looking like these buds will have IP55, which is just a little protection from dust and water. You won’t be taking these buds swimming with you or out mountain biking, which is to be expected for its E99 price.

On the good side, however, it does seem to come with two dedicated drivers and tweakers. Perfect for those who like to tailor their sound stage a little more. It will also have noise cancelling onboard up to 48db. The battery life is seemingly good for the price point too; with 6-9 hours depending on your usage. The case also further extends this battery to 22 – 33 hours.

There has never been a better time to look at budget-tier headphones and this set of earbuds is surely going to shake things up.


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