OnePlus details the OnePlus 12’s rear cameras, and they’re quite familiar


OnePlus 12 Official Image
OnePlus 12 Official Image


  • OnePlus has revealed that the OnePlus 12 has a 48MP ultrawide angle camera and a 13-channel multi-spectrum color sensor.
  • Previously, the company had confirmed the 48MP Sony LYT-808 primary camera and the 64MP telephoto zoom camera, rounding up all of the OnePlus 12’s rear cameras.

The OnePlus 12 has been in the news cycle this week, primarily as it approaches its launch in China on December 5. Before that, OnePlus began confirming several specifications of the device and giving us an official look at the phone across three colors. We already knew about the OnePlus 12’s primary camera, and now, the company has revealed more details about the secondary cameras.

OnePlus 12 cameras

OnePlus has previously confirmed the 48MP LYT-808 sensor for the OnePlus 12. This LYT-808 camera sensor is the twin of the foldable-centric 48MP LYT-T808 found on the OnePlus Open, and we’ve already seen the Open’s camera in action.

We also knew the OnePlus 12 would have a 64MP periscope zoom camera with a 1/2-inch sensor, f/2.6 aperture, and OIS, outputting 3x optically zoomed images.

Now, the company has shared that the ultrawide camera is a 48MP shooter. A 13-channel multispectral color sensor occupies the fourth camera cutout, though its advantage within the setup is unclear.

OnePlus 12 camera

Combined, the OnePlus 12’s camera setup is very similar to that of the OnePlus Open, which is not bad. The primary difference is between the Lytia main sensor, though it’s not immediately clear what the difference is between the LYT-808 and the LYT-T808. Either way, the OnePlus Open sets the bar very high for cameras on OnePlus devices, and it also puts the Open on the radar for a top-tier camera smartphone despite being a foldable.

If the OnePlus 12’s camera performs as well as the Open’s, users will be pleased. We’ll have to wait for the global launch (rumored to be around January 24, 2024) to test and see if OnePlus can deliver again.


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