OnePlus Watch 2 leak reveals it may have the OS everyone was hoping for

Earlier today, new renders of the OnePlus 2 leaked, showing us the design of the upcoming smartwatch. A new leak now tells us that next-generation device may run on Wear OS.

Back in October, tipster Max Jambor gave us details about a potential 2024 launch window for the OnePlus Watch 2. Now Jambor is back with a new leak that claims the second OnePlus Watch will use Wear OS 4.

The first iteration of the smartwatch ran on an OS called RTOS, which is more limited than Google’s Wear OS. As a result, the device was little more than a glorified fitness tracker. In a Q&A, a OnePlus product manager explained the decision as such:

When making a decision like this, we always have to weigh the benefits with the challenges to come up with what we think will result in the best user experience. We found that both operating systems had a lot of great things to offer, but some drawbacks as well. So after weighing all of our options, we ended up choosing RTOS primarily because of the ability to better offer our users a longer battery life.

While it was previously unknown if the company would stick to RTOS or switch to Wear OS, factors like the expected Snapdragon W5 Gen 1 chip suggested it would likely be the latter.

With the information that has leaked so far, it is expected that the smartwatch could have a 1.43-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 466 x 466. It should also have a metal chassis and come with black or white rubber straps.

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