The OnePlus 12 could be quite literally the coolest smartphone


I’m sure you’ve noticed that when playing games for extended periods of time on your smartphone will result in it getting quite warm or hot to the touch. This is why more smartphone makers are introducing new methods of cooling their devices. But in that regard, we think the OnePlus 12 has everyone beat with its new cooling system.

A teardown video by YouTuber JerryRigEverything shows off the new Dual Cryo Velocity Vapor Chambers. We should point out that the use of vapor cooling isn’t new in smartphones. Many other devices have used it in the past. What makes the OnePlus 12 cooling different is that it uses two vapor chambers stacked on each other. This results in a larger surface area when it comes to cooling.

The teardown reveals that this cooling system will be used to cool the phone’s internal components. The heat is then dissipated through the display.  There are concerns about how this heat could affect the OLED display in the long-run, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Keeping our gadgets cool is key in allowing them to run at optimal levels, whether it’s a phone or PC. So, if you play a lot of resource-intensive games or apps, then it will be interesting to see how this OnePlus 12 cooling system holds up.


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