The OnePlus 12R is coming to the US, EU


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  • OnePlus has confirmed that the OnePlus 12R will be available in North America and Europe.
  • The company revealed these launch details in a fireside chat.
  • This is a departure from previous R-series phones, which were exclusive to India and China.

OnePlus confirmed last week that the OnePlus 12 would be joined by the mid-range OnePlus 12R at a global launch event next month. Now, it looks like the Chinese brand has confirmed a couple of specific markets for the R-series handset.

The company hosted a fireside chat a few weeks ago, where it quietly revealed that the OnePlus 12R would be coming to North America and Europe in particular.

“In addition to India, this time we will launch the OnePlus 12R in North America, Europe, and other parts of the world as well,” OnePlus president Kinder Liu was quoted as saying.

This represents a major expansion for the mid-range OnePlus R series, as last year’s OnePlus 10R and this year’s OnePlus 11R were restricted to India. The phones are typically rebranded versions of the China-only Ace series, albeit with Oxygen OS instead of Color OS.

Android Authority contributor Dhruv Bhutani praised the OnePlus 11R in his review earlier this year. He did, however, lament the phone’s limited availability. So we’re glad to see this issue being addressed with the OnePlus 12R, and we’re expecting it to be one of the best cheap phones of 2024.


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