The OnePlus speaker launch didn’t happen, instead we got an AI music creation tool


The other day, OnePlus seemed to be teasing a new product which, based on the video, was believed to be a set of speakers. It turns out we were very wrong. The company has not announced a set of speakers. Instead, they have launched a new online tool called the OnePlus AI Music Studio.

As the name implies, this is an AI-powered tool and from what we can tell, it will help users generate music using nothing but text prompts. It will be able to generate an entire song, including its lyrics, music, and even put together a music video using graphics based on the theme that you have selected.

Once the song is made, users can then download it and share it across their social media platforms. It sounds quite interesting, although we’re not sure what AI music generation has anything to do with the OnePlus brand, but if you’re looking to create some music of your own but don’t really have a clue where to start, this could be a tool worth checking out.

AI generated content has sparked a bit of controversy over the years, where there is an ongoing debate as to whether or not photos or art generated by AI could infringe on the copyright by other artists. We’re not sure if the OnePlus AI Music Studio will run afoul of those copyright claims, but if you’re just looking to put together some tunes for a personal project it should be fine (don’t take our word for it, we’re not lawyers!).


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