The Pixel’s excellent Call Screening could finally come to more countries



  • A Redditor has discovered hints that Call Screening is coming to several other markets.
  • It seems like the functionality could come to India, Austria, and several other locales.

Google has offered Call Screening functionality on its Pixel phones and select OEM devices for several years now, as Google Assistant answers your calls to find out who’s calling and why. The feature has been restricted to a handful of markets, but that could change soon.

Redditor Yuval17G was able to enable Call Screening on his rooted OnePlus phone, but the kicker is that he was able to download Hindi and “English (India)” language packages.

The fact that these packages exist is a strong hint that Google is planning to bring the Pixel’s Call Screening feature to India. However, India might not be the only new market.

Yuval17G also spotted language packages for Austrian German, Belgian German, and Swiss German. The presence of these packages suggests that Call Screening will land in Austria, Belgium, and Switzerland too. The Redditor’s screenshots also show that Brazilian Portuguese is supported, which is a curious addition given that Pixels aren’t sold in Brazil.

Nevertheless, these new languages point to a significant expansion of Call Screening functionality. The service is currently available in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Spain, the UK, and the US.

We’ve asked Google for comment regarding a potential Call Screening expansion and will update the article if/when the company gets back to us.


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