Visible eSIM support rolling out to Android phones!


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  • Visible eSIM support is rolling out now to many Samsung and Google phones.
  • Previously, Visible only supported eSIM on iPhones.
  • eSIM enables you to try Visible without a physical card and without needing to cancel your current service.

Way back in 2021, Verizon sub-brand Visible announced it would support eSIM. When it told us this, we got really excited and asked which phones would work with the service. We were dismayed to hear that only the most recent iPhones would be included in the initial support rollout.

Well, it took a few years, but Visible eSIM support is finally coming to Android today! You’ll able to connect to Visible without a physical SIM card on a slew of phones from both Samsung and Google. Unfortunately, fans of OnePlus, Motorola, ASUS, Sony, etc., won’t be able to try it out yet. There’s a complete list of supported phones below.

What is the benefit of eSIM? Since you don’t need a physical SIM card, it allows you to easily switch to Visible right from the comfort of your home instantly. To sweeten the deal, Visible is offering free trials of its service. Since you’ll use eSIM to connect, you don’t even need to disconnect your current service. Just activate an eSIM with a temporary phone number and try out Visible for 15 days by hot-swapping from one SIM to the other to compare and contrast. It doesn’t even require you to enter a credit card — it’s seriously that simple.

Obviously, Visible is hoping you’ll think its service and pricing are superior to what you use now. If that’s the case, you can switch to Visible instantly by either making that temporary number your own or porting in your existing number.

If you don’t care for Visible, no big deal. You can just cancel the trial and pay nothing. You didn’t even enter your credit card, so it’s impossible to get charged for this accidentally!

To get started, consult the list of Visible eSIM Android phones below and ensure yours is on it. Then, head to Visible’s free trial page to begin.

Visible eSIM Android phones

  • Galaxy S23, S23 Plus, & S23 Ultra
  • Galaxy S22, S22 Plus, & S22 Ultra
  • Galaxy S21, S21 Plus, & S21 Ultra
  • Galaxy S20, S20 Plus, & S20 Ultra
  • Galaxy Note 20 & 20 Ultra
  • Galaxy Fold
  • Galaxy Z Fold 2
  • Galaxy Z Fold 3
  • Galaxy Z Fold 4
  • Galaxy Z Fold 5
  • Galaxy Z Flip
  • Galaxy Z Flip 5G
  • Galaxy Z Flip 3
  • Galaxy Z Flip 4
  • Galaxy Z Flip 5
  • Galaxy A54 5G
  • Pixel 8 & 8 Pro
  • Pixel 7a, Pixel 7, & 7 Pro
  • Pixel 6a, Pixel 6, & 6 Pro
  • Pixel 5a & Pixel 5
  • Pixel 4a, Pixel 4, & 4 XL
  • Pixel 3a & 3a XL
  • Pixel 3 & 3 XL


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