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google pixel 8 vs samsung galaxy s23 vs iphone 15 cameras

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It’s almost 2024, and you know what that means: it’s time to figure out the best smartphone of 2023! Here at Android Authority, we have two significant events for this. The first happens internally, in which our team of experts argue a lot in Slack until we determine the winner of the Editor’s Choice Award. At the same time, we have an open vote for our readers to determine the equally as important Reader’s Choice Award.

Today, we are officially opening up voting for the latter award! Below, you’ll find an explanation of how this works, as well as a poll for casting your vote. We are very excited about this year, in particular, because of what happened last year: the EC and RC awards both went to the same phone, which was the Google Pixel 7 Pro. Will Google repeat last year’s victory with the Pixel 8 Pro, or will Samsung nab it with its incredible Galaxy S23 Ultra? Or will an underdog sweep in and steal the show? The only way we’ll know is if you cast your vote!

Best phone of 2023: How Reader’s Choice Award voting works

There are three rounds for the Reader’s Choice Award voting. Today begins with the elimination round. In this round, 32 phones duke it out to become one of the surviving four. Those four move on to the semi-finals, in which only two will emerge. The final round is where the magic happens, resulting in one phone walking away with the claim of being the best phone of 2023.

Here is the voting schedule and where each vote takes place:

  • Monday, December 11, 1:00 PM ET: The elimination round occurs here at Android Authority, exclusively in the poll below.
  • Tuesday, December 12, 1:00 PM ET: The semi-final round happens on this page along with our YouTube, X (formerly known as Twitter), and Threads profiles. You can vote once in each place, giving you four chances to vote!
  • Wednesday, December 13, 1:00 PM ET: The final round happens on this page, YouTube, X, Threads, and in a 24-hour Story on Instagram and Facebook. That gives you a total of six chances to vote.

At 1:00 PM ET on Friday, December 15, voting will close at all outlets, giving the last round 48 hours of voting (except for the Instagram/Facebook Stories, so be sure to vote there within the first 24 hours). We will tally the votes and announce the big winner over the weekend.

Vote now for the best phone of 2023!

Are you ready to vote? Before you do so, make sure you understand that, for this round, you can only vote for one phone, and you cannot alter your vote. In other words, don’t rush yourself! Take your time and go over the list in full, and only cast your one vote when you are absolutely certain you know what it should be.

What is the best phone of 2023?

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