Which phone brand do you trust the most for after-sales service?


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There’s more to consider when buying a phone than the hardware and software. A flagship-tier processor, impressive cameras, and lengthy update pledge are all great. But there’s something else you should consider too.

Customer support is a crucial factor for many people when buying a phone. After all, who cares about crazy camera zoom or top-notch gaming performance when getting a faulty or damaged phone repaired is a tough endeavor?

That got us wondering which brand you trust the most when it comes to after-sales service. Go ahead and vote in our poll below.

Which phone maker do you trust the most for after sales service?

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It’s worth noting that all phones sold in Europe are generally required to offer a two-year warranty. But the length of the warranty is just one point of consideration for after-sales support. Other factors include the responsiveness of customer support channels, the types of issues covered, the availability of a short-term no-questions-asked returns policy, and the speed of the entire warranty process.

Apple and Samsung are generally considered the top dogs as far as customer support is concerned. Both companies have a huge geographical footprint, for one. Furthermore, both brands also offer premium, insurance-like warranties to cover accidental damage and discounted/free repairs.


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