Yikes! The new OnePlus 12 is a bit buggy… literally


With the OnePlus 12 due for its global release, the road is becoming fraught with bugs. Literally. Shortly after its debut in China, users are taking to the internet to complain about the quality of the hardware of the phone. The main issue? Users on Chinese social media Weibo show there is a considerable gap between the camera module and the frame, causing a wedge between the curved rear glass and the metal frame.

Nin-Nan Weibo

All signs point to this being a manufacturing error. Either there is a lack of quality control or the potential of using too much glue in the back panel. While a gap like this would signal a swollen battery, we can be ruled out since the phone is brand new. Even if that didn’t stop the Galaxy Note… Reports even mention excessive glue seeping out. As well as other defects like scratching. Certainly, this will cause a bit of déjà vu for Samsung phone owners.

Other phone brands have swiftly replaced defective units in response to past issues. The big question is how OnePlus will handle these reports flooding in about defects in the manufacturing of their products.. Adding fuel to the fire, one user claims to have found a dead bug inside the OnePlus 12’s rear glass!

This isn’t OnePlus’s first brush with such problems. Dating back to 2018, users have reported similar gaps. Even the recent addition the OnePlus Nord CE 3 Lite also makes the list for having some cosmetic flaws. However, OnePlus seems to have a reputation for handling these hiccups well, reportedly honouring replacement requests without a fuss. The question will be if this will be good enough for OnePlus users, or will this be the turning point in their fanbase’s trust?

This level of reports of defects for the OnePlus 12 is honestly surprising. Especially given OnePlus’s strong focus on design finesse and attention to detail. Despite these issues, the OnePlus 12 promises a powerhouse of features – a dazzling 120Hz OLED screen, Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip, a triple-camera setup, and lightning-fast 100W charging. USA customers will be thrilled to know that the OnePlus 12 will arrive in Q1 of 2024.

Has this shaken your confidence in OnePlus? Will you still be getting yours? let us know in the comments below.


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