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The Galaxy S24 is an impressive little phone, but it’s far from the only fish in the pond. Whether it’s the missing Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processors on global models or the lack of major upgrades over previous iterations, we’ve rounded up the best Samsung Galaxy S24 alternatives to help you find the best device for you.

Buying the right Samsung Galaxy S24 alternative for your needs

Samsung Galaxy S24 back standing

Robert Triggs / Android Authority

Despite the similarities to its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S24 is still a spectacular buy. Everything from the specs to the software is top-notch, and Samsung’s promise of seven years of Android version and security updates now matches Google for the best in the business.

In other words, few devices tick as many boxes. The combination of a 120Hz variable refresh rate, spectacular performance, a pocketable size, and a versatile camera system make it a fantastic choice for just about anyone. Outside of its own siblings in the Galaxy S24 Plus and S24 Ultra, only the Google Pixel 8 comes close. It’s got the same update promise and runs $100 cheaper, but it comes with its own set of downsides.

The Pixel 8 is far from the only Galaxy S24 alternative, though. For a quick rundown of our top recommendations, see our summary below.

The best Galaxy S24 alternatives

  • Google Pixel 8: The Pixel 8 is the only Android smartphone that matches the Galaxy S24 in terms of longevity with seven years of promised updates. The camera is also a top competitor, and the lack of a telephoto lens is made up for with Google’s superb post-processing.
  • Apple iPhone 15: If you’re platform agnostic, the iPhone 15 is an easy contender for one of the best smartphones you can buy. Although Apple doesn’t outright state it, the device is likely to receive just as much support as the Galaxy S24. The main things you’re losing out on are a 120Hz display, a telephoto lens, and fast wired charging.
  • Samsung Galaxy S23: Samsung’s smallest 2023 flagship is the spitting image of the Galaxy S24, and if you can do without the seven years of updates, you’ll hardly notice the difference. The camera hardware is identical to the Galaxy S24 and outside of AI processing, the year-old SoC can nearly go punch-for-punch with this year’s model.
  • OnePlus 12: If you don’t mind something larger, the OnePlus 12’s 6.82-inch 120Hz display is absolutely stunning, and it’s a solid alternative to Samsung or Google. Camera performance is worse and it won’t stay up-to-date for as long, but speedy 100W charging and excellent performance help tip the scales.
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5: If you like the feel of One UI but want a more unique device, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 is a fantastic alternative. It emulates the look and feel of classic flip phones, and the fifth generation is finally mature enough to recommend regardless of its gimmick.

Google Pixel 8: The best Samsung Galaxy S24 alternative

Google Pixel 8 back in hand

Robert Triggs / Android Authority

There aren’t many devices that truly go toe-to-toe with the Samsung Galaxy S24, but the Google Pixel 8 is the closest we’ve found. It’s often overshadowed by its larger sibling the Pixel 8 Pro, but the more manageable size (6.2-inches) and price ($699 at Amazon) make the standard Pixel 8 the best Galaxy S24 alternative.

Perhaps the most significant difference is Google’s in-house Tensor SoC, which sacrifices peak performance for more AI smarts. Samsung seems to have taken the same track with all of the new Galaxy AI features on the Galaxy S24 series, but many of those features are actually powered by Google in the cloud. In everyday use, Google’s AI focus on the Pixel 8 unlocks useful things like better photo processing, Magic Eraser, Video Boost, audio transcriptions, AI-generated wallpapers, and more.

The Pixel 8 is the only option that matches Samsung’s seven-year update commitment.

In terms of support, the Pixel 8 offers the same incredible seven-year commitment to updates as the Galaxy S24, which no other brands match. Buy either of these smartphones and you can forget about obsolescence until 2030 at least. You are making a few sacrifices, though, most notably a lack of a telephoto lens for zoom shots. But don’t let that put you off, as the Pixel 8 is still one of the best camera phones on the market.

Google Pixel 8Google Pixel 8
AA Recommended

Google Pixel 8

Bright display • Upgraded face-unlock • Improved camera

A bright display from Google’s 2023 flagship phone

The Google Pixel 8 introduces the new Actua display, a 6.2-inch panel that’s 42% brighter than the Pixel 7. Backed by the fully updated Tensor G3 chipset, and a new 50MP camera, this promises to be one of the more exciting Pixel phones.

What makes it stand out

  • Update galore: The Pixel 8 has the same seven-year commitment to updates as the Galaxy S24.

  • Fantastic cameras: The Galaxy S24 has an extra telephoto lens, but the Pixel 8 is still one of the best shooters you can buy.

  • AI Smarts: Despite Samsung’s best efforts, Google still outdoes it when it comes to AI features like Magic Eraser and Video Boost.

The iPhone 15 is the best Galaxy S24 alternative from Apple

apple iphone 15 with macbook air

Ryan Haines / Android Authority

The iPhone 15 needs no introduction, and despite being the cheapest model in Apple’s 2023 lineup at $799 (matching the Galaxy S24), it’s an excellent alternative to the Galaxy S24.

Both are compact, with the iPhone 15 sporting a slightly smaller 6.1-inch display. However, it’s limited to 60Hz, while the Galaxy S24 sports a 120Hz display, meaning that scrolling won’t be quite as smooth. There’s also no telephoto lens, although the iPhone 15 is still a very capable shooter. The battery is considerably smaller and charging is slower, but Apple did finally switch to USB-C, so at least you can avoid the price-gouging on accessories.

Ultimately though, what makes the iPhone 15 great is the software. If you’re switching from Android to iPhone there will be a learning curve, but Apple typically supports phones for seven years or more, so it might actually outlive the Galaxy S24.

Apple iPhone 15Apple iPhone 15

Apple iPhone 15

Excellent update commitment • Top-tier build quality • USB-C port, finally!

The entry-level iPhone, now with USB-C

The iPhone 15 is the most accessible model of four iPhone options for 2023. With a 6.1-inch display running at 60Hz, the A16 Bionic SoC, and up to 512GB of storage, this is a capable phone for most users.

What makes it stand out

  • Polished hardware and software: The quality of Apple’s hardware and software speaks for itself, although you will pay a premium for it.
  • Great cameras: It only has two lenses, but the iPhone 15 is still a very capable everyday shooter.
  • Commitment to updates: Apple doesn’t have a written policy for updates, but you can expect the iPhone 15 to receive support for seven years or more.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 is the best alternative for Samsung fans

samsung galaxy s23 back

Ryan Haines / Android Authority

The Samsung Galaxy S23 was one of the best small phones of 2023, so it should come as no surprise that it’s a great alternative to the Galaxy S24. In fact, the two are so similar that you might struggle to tell them apart. The physical design is nearly identical apart from slimmer bezels and a .1-inch larger screen on the Galaxy S24, and they feature the exact same camera hardware at a much lower price.

The Galaxy S23 features an overclocked Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor that’s an excellent all-around performer. The newer Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 on the Galaxy S24 has some slight performance gains, but most of the upgrades come in the form of AI capabilities. If you’re not interested in this cutting-edge tech, you likely won’t miss them.

The other big difference is that the Galaxy S23 will only receive four years of Android updates, versus seven for the Galaxy S24. That will still see support run until at least 2027 though, so if you’re someone who changes phones every two or three years it won’t make a difference and you can pocket the savings today.

Samsung Galaxy S23Samsung Galaxy S23
AA Editors Choice

Samsung Galaxy S23

Compact size • Brighter screen • Larger battery

The compact option in Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S series.

With a brighter screen, a larger battery, and Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 power, the Galaxy S23 is Samsung’s best compact Galaxy S flagship yet.

What makes it stand out

  • Great hardware: The Galaxy S23 is remarkably similar to the Galaxy S24, with a gorgeous finish that feels great to use.
  • Small size: This is one of the few phones that can be comfortably used with one hand.
  • Great update commitment: It’s not as good as the Galaxy S24 or Pixel 8, but this phone will still receive support for longer than most alternatives.

The OnePlus 12 is the best Galaxy S24 alternative from OnePlus

OnePlus 12 Official image from OnePlus

OnePlus has really found its footing again in recent years, and the OnePlus 12 is a great example of that. It’s the same price as the Galaxy S24 but with even more power under the hood. In addition to the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, it packs 12GB-24GB of RAM, a super bright 6.82-inch display, and a huge 5,400mAh battery with 100W wired charging. That last one will top your phone off far faster than the Galaxy S24 or even its more expensive siblings, which cap out at 45W.

The company has upgraded the camera lenses on this year’s flagship, providing a three-lens setup for maximum versatility, just like the Galaxy S24. OnePlus hasn’t traditionally had the same level of post-processing greatness as Samsung or Google, so we’ll have to wait until our testing is complete to give our final verdict.

On that note, although it’s already launched in China, the OnePlus 12 won’t be available globally until a few weeks after the Galaxy S24. If you can’t wait, you can always settle for the OnePlus 11, which is still a great phone and costs significantly less ($1296 at Amazon).

OnePlus 12OnePlus 12

OnePlus 12

Unique design • Fast charging • Good battery life

The OnePlus 12 is an important update for the brand, they’ve matured as a company and it shows in their hardware. The OnePlus 12 offers the latest and best technology, including a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, 50W wireless and 80W wired charging, next-gen Hasselblad cameras, and more.

What makes it stand out

  • Gorgeous display: It’s a lot larger than the Galaxy S24 at 6.82-inches, but the OnePlus 12 display is bright and beautiful to behold.
  • Powerful internals: With a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 and up to 24GB of RAM, this phone can easily power through any task.
  • Flagship killer: Despite sharing many features with more expensive models, the OnePlus 12 retails for the same price as the base Galaxy S24.

The Galaxy Z Flip 5 is the most unique Galaxy S24 alternative

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 tent folded

Ryan Haines / Android Authority

For anyone who loves Samsung’s software but wants a more interesting or unique device than the Galaxy S24, look no further than the Galaxy Z Flip 5. It emulates the design of the flip phones we all grew up with but with a (mostly) seamless display on the inside. There’s also a sizeable “Flex Window” display on the outside for things like notifications, apps, or to use as a viewfinder for selfies.

The Galaxy Z Flip 5 is still compact, but with a much more interesting and exciting design.

The Z Flip series has always been the top dog when it comes to foldables, but it wasn’t until recently that we could recommend them on their merits, rather than just the gimmick of being a foldable phone. The build quality is excellent and it feels great in the hand, but it’s also a powerful device with capable cameras that should please just about anyone who uses it. Sure, you’re missing out on a telephoto lens and extended battery life, but the compact design is super easy to slip into a pocket or purse, and you don’t have to worry about your keys scratching the screen.

The other downside, of course, is price. This retails for $300 more than the Galaxy S24, although you may be able to find it for less in 2024. If you’ve ever had even a passing interest in foldables, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 is more than worth checking out, with the Motorola Razr Plus ($699.99 at Amazon) being a close second.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5
AA Editors Choice

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5

Huge new Flex Window • Excellent build quality • Solid rear cameras

Samsung’s thinnest, most refined clamshell-style foldable yet

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 is Samsung’s fifth-generation clamshell foldable phone, complete with a 3.4-inch asymmetrical cover display, revamped gapless hinge, and Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy chipset.

What makes it stand out

  • It folds: The Galaxy Z Flip 5’s clamshell design makes it super compact and pocketable, not to mention a breath of fresh air if you’re used to black slabs.
  • Great performance: The Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy and 8GB of RAM offer excellent everyday performance.
  • Great cameras: It doesn’t have a telephoto lens, but the foldable design can serve as a makeshift tripod, and the Flex Window display turns the exterior lenses into excellent selfie cameras.

Honorable mentions

  • Galaxy S23 FE ($599.99 at Amazon): Samsung’s almost-flagship Galaxy S23 FE makes a few sacrifices in build quality and specs to hit a more attractive price point. If you can get it on sale, it’s a great Galaxy S24 alternative, but at retail, it’s a bit too pricey to make the list.
  • ASUS Zenfone 10 ($699.99 at Amazon): The ASUS Zenfone 10 is the last of a dying breed. It’s even more compact than the Galaxy S24 but still offers flagship performance. There’s even a headphone jack!
  • Samsung Galaxy A54 5G ($449.99 at Samsung): To save even more money, check out Samsung’s mid-range Galaxy A54 5G. It’s often overshadowed by Samsung’s more expensive Galaxy S series, but it’s still a lot of phone for several hundred dollars less.
  • Nothing Phone 2 ($699 at Amazon): The Nothing Phone 2 is another interesting alternative to the Galaxy S24, with a unique Glyph on the back. The build and hardware isn’t as premium, but it’s a great device for anyone looking for a conversation starter.
  • Google Pixel 7a ($477 at Amazon): The Pixel 7a is our favorite device under $500. It has many of the same great AI features as more expensive Pixel phones, but it’s the same pocketable size as the Galaxy S24.


No. For a phone with a headphone jack, check out Galaxy S24 alternatives like the ASUS Zenfone 10.

No. Very few flagship phones have a microSD card slot nowadays, but check out the Samsung Galaxy A54 5G if that’s what you’re looking for.


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