Monokei Systems could be a good alternative to your office’s crappy keyboard


Companies generally provide computers for employees to use at work. Because these computers usually fully built systems, they include everything one needs to be productive, such as a keyboard and mouse. Speaking as a keyboard enthusiast, those default keyboards are terrible. This is why the Monokei Systems could be worth checking out.

Monokei is a company based in Singapore and specializes in custom mechanical keyboards. The company has in recent times branched out to create more affordable, mass market offerings, and the Monokei Systems is one of them.

Though designed to be affordable and accessible, it still offers numerous mechanical keyboard features that beginners to the hobby or even veterans might appreciate. It has a hotswappable PCB that comes bundled with Kailh’s low profile switches, but you can swap it out for something else if you prefer.

It also features gasket socks that are used to dampen the keyboard’s vibrations. This can result in a softer and quieter typing experience, perfect for the work environment. Monokei has also bundled a set of low-profile keycaps. You can swap this out for something else, but we’ll admit that the bundled keycaps do look pretty good and fit the overall aesthetics of the keyboard.

What’s also interesting is that Monokei has adopted a magnetic design for the keyboard’s case. This means that users can easily swap the casings with other Monokei Systems keyboards. The lack of screws also makes accessing the internal components a lot easier. The keyboard itself has wireless connectivity so you don’t have to deal with cables.

The Systems is currently available for pre-order. It is expected to ship late Q2 2024 and is priced starting at $189.


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