OnePlus Launches a Special Edition Genshin Impact Variant of the 12R


Special-edition smartphones aren’t anything new – in fact, we’ve seen them many times before, and it looks like it’s OnePlus that’s hopping on the trend this time around. The manufacturer announced a special Genshin Impact Edition of the OnePlus 12R, in collaboration with gaming brand HoYoVerse.

It isn’t just as simple as repackaging the OnePlus 12R with a custom paint job and box however – the 12R Genshin Impact Edition goes all out on the exclusive branding, featuring a violet colorway and design themes revolving around Keqing, one of the in-game characters from Genshin Impact. The phone also comes bundled with merchandise, as well as themed phone accessories.

The hardware remains mostly the same however, so buyers will getting the same specs as the regular OnePlus 12R – this means the same display quality, same Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset, battery capacity, and such.

OnePlus has tweaked the software a bit though, as the phone’s version of Oxyegn OS features visual elements from Genshin Impact and the Keqing character theme, including charging and unlock animations, wallpapers, and more. the OnePlus 12R Genshin Impact Edition costs £699 and will be available for purchase in India, Europe, and North America, with pre-orders running from 28th February – 30th March.


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