Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 could have a more usable outer display

The problem with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold series of phones is its outer display. Samsung has opted to focus on the inner foldable display. As a result, the outer display of the phone is narrower compared to a traditional smartphone. This makes using it a bit awkward, but that could change with the Galaxy Z Fold 6.

In a recently discovered patent, it seems that Samsung has come up with a potential new design for the Galaxy Z Fold 6. Samsung appears to have made some changes to the hinge where it will now be thinner. This should result in a phone that’s also thinner when folded shut. The patent also suggests that Samsung could make the outer display wider and more like a traditional smartphone.

Galaxy Z Fold 6

Some phone makers like OnePlus have already adopted such a design. We think that this is a better design because sometimes, users don’t want to have to unfold their phone. Giving the outer display an aspect ratio more in line with traditional phones means that apps will look more “normal”.

That being said, there’s no guarantee that this will happen. Companies like Samsung patent design ideas all the time and there’s no telling if a patent will ever be made into an actual product. Either way, try not to get your hopes up just yet, but we’ll most likely have to wait until later in the year to get a better idea.

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