Xiaomi, OnePlus and Oppo Gallery Apps can now Fully Integrate Google Photos Libraries

One of the biggest advantages in using an Android phone is that you’re not limited to a single app or software ecosystem for specific needs and purposes. A great example of this is how Google Photos is now better able to integrate and sync files for users on Xiaomi and Oppo/OnePlus devices, thanks to new software updates on both platforms.

For users on  OxygenOS 14/ColorOS 14, a new option is now available within the settings of the default photos app, which now provides a “Backup to “Google Photos” setting. Upon turning on the feature and granting access, photos will automatically be backed up to Google Photos, and the Google Photos library will also be accessible on the default photo app.

Screenshots by Mishaal Rahman

While the Xiaomi Gallery app has previously supported integration with Google Photos, it wasn’t until recently that the app provided full two-way integration with Google Photos (with version This integration works similarly to how Oxygen OS and Color OS handle Google Photos libraries.

Screenshots by Mishaal Rahman

With this, users can access even a wider range of photo-editing options on their phone’s gallery app for use with their Google Photos library, a lot of which might not be available in the standard Google Photos app.

Source: Android Police

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